This work in progress involves video portraits of women in the Iranian diaspora, accompanied by their stories of womanhood, migration, and dreams for their homeland while reflecting on the liberation movement since the death of Jhina Mahsa Amini 
The Iranian diaspora has played a significant role in amplifying the movement in Iran. Without their efforts, news of the movement would have been even slower to come out and affect an international audience. The repressive regime has produced a formidable diaspora that has applied international pressure, resulting in Iran being voted off the special commission for Women's Rights. Those outside of Iran have an equally important role to play as those within the country. Through our own stories, we provide a longer context to the persecutions in our lost motherland. Every Iranian I know has been deeply affected by the most recent wave of protests, giving us all hope and motivation for change.
This project turns to show the faces and voices of real people, who have been affected for decades, by the repressive governments kept in place in Iran, and through the help of their Western allies. It shows nuance and the audience is faced with real people who have lived the real consequences of the oppressive legislation and governance in Iran. The pain of being removed from one's homeland, and the pain of being denied access because of one's identity. Perhaps it can evoke some empathy. Or at the very least, add nuance to the way in which we are seen. 
Most importantly, the project provides space for women to feel seen and for their stories to be cherished and heard. This is significant for people living as immigrants and foreigners and as minorities abroad. To be seen and heard is profoundly meaningful and can change and transform relationships, and generate community building and solidarity, in unpredictable and dynamic ways. 

Iran is facing significant shifts since the murder of Jina Mahsa Amini. Iranian women and girls have been championing change, and paying the price for it. We are their reflection from abroad. Our stories are not the same, but we are the same people, and we want the same things. It is time to envision a future where Iranian women leaders, who are open-minded, capable, compassionate, and educated, guide the country. Together, we need to support each other and embrace our differences to create a fair, free, and prosperous society that benefits both people and the planet

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