Aunty K is a devout elderly Muslim woman who volunteers as a foster mother. She provides shelter for children who come into and out of her tiny home in a densely populated South African township, Delft. Since the break of the global COVID19 pandemic, she found herself caring for ten young children in close isolation. In addition to her increased load of non-stop care and entertainment for the ten children, she also provided care for an elderly man from her community, until he passed in the midsts of the pandemic.
Technology has enabled her and I to be in close communication since the break of the pandemic. I am now based in New York and she has been using her phone to capture and send me images, texts and voice notes reflecting on her daily life, allowing me to witness her story.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Aunty K - thinking of you

Aunty K:
Hi where are u
I'm in New York

Are u  getting fat?
Yes 😳 
Still as pretty as ever
Even me I say I m getting senior body
Are you locked down with the kids?
​​​​​​​We are stressed  I find it hard to cope keeping them inside fed and safe. We all know it's flu time also now. Sukran for thinking of us... pray for us it's bad here
I am sure it is so hard keeping children indoors - in a small space
Aunty K:
I'm so paranoid with myself in one piece to cope with all kids yes I failed to get enough games. There was no time this just happened I don't think anybody was prepared here
Nava: No it is so hard! 
No one could have prepared for this!
Aunty K: 
Bought veggies ask them to count while I cook
Each one must count diff thingi. I'm out of ideas doesn't this Pic  go way back o healthy foods. 
Nava: amazing!
what is in the big bag?
With lockdown we can't go everyday, u must buy for whole week literally
By the time they halfway the youngest took banana an eat lol
haha - well we need to be extra healthy these days
Aunty K:
Hi how are u? Whats up in New York our lockdown period is extended till end of April
Nava: Yes I saw, how are you doing?
I'm down with chest infec, kids are fine
Now more stressed than ever extended 2 wks
Do you have medicine?
Iv seen doc yes an today
They monitoring me
Must go back Tuesday
Aunty K:
Hi letting u no I'm tested for Corona results came I'm negative
Doc phoned algamd
Hi aunty K!! Thank God is negative
All shukr to  Allah
How are you feeling now?
Much relieved  chest still  up to no good can clearly now concentrate on Ramadaan upcoming using honey Lemon Ginger Kolasji seeds
Are you going to fast?
No haven't been fasting for 2nd yr now health reasons. Doc orders
Ok, I think that's good..
Aunty K: 
School open lol 
At least they have each other neh?
 How do you get the school equipment?!
Teacher sent work over whattsapp
I just follow instructions
Mixing cake
For tonight
It's nice exercise an learning curve for them an also excitement they fasting an imagining to it gonna taste is good
I hope it does!
Make sure they don't mix up there salt with sugar
Hey it happened  salt went into cake an sugar in  soup
It's one of them 4 yr old birthday we making suprize cake
he looks so happy!
We keeping ourselves busy we can  bake birthday cakes now quarantine teaches us skills
Did u hear we had our first covid 19 funeral yes in Delft yoh I. was shocked they sent pics can I share with u
yoh that's hectic aunty K - who passed?
No one I no it's someone from upper Delft there police station
In Delft cemetary
Despite all I think it's nice photo
Don't u think so
yes it's a very strong photo - very sad

Aunty K: 
Nava: amazing!
"Salaam how are u? I am just occupied between. Getting kids stuff ready not sure when they'll be going to school but also and to be ready for there safety friend still in hosp  at least so I can Concentrate on  kids and myself"

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